Seetharama C. Shastry, Chairman:

  • Poet, Social scientist, and Motivational speaker.
  • Seetharama is an out-and-out out of box thinker.
  • A renowned authority as a writer in multiple dimensions including science, poetry, Bharateeya santhana dharma and human values.
  • Legendary poet – thousands of inspirational poems in Telugu language.
  • Winner of many prestigious literary awards including unprecedented 11 Nandi awards from AP State, India.
  • A medical student from Andhra University, India, dropped out to become poet, co-incidentally having the same birth year as other world famous college dropouts Steve Jobs and Bill Gates!

Venkat Konda, PHD, Founder/CEO:

  • Inventor, Serial entrepreneur, Computer Scientist and Engineer.
  • Venkat is the inventor of seminal 2D layouts for multi-stage networks and optimizations with revolutionary benefits in FPGA Fabrics.
  • Founder/CEO Teak Networks and Founder/CTO Teak Technologies; Over 25 years of R&D, Management experience in various chip and systems companies Velio, Infineon, Mitsubishi Electric Research labs and nCube Corporation in Silicon Valley.
  • Inventor of seminal solutions for rearrangeably and strictly non-blocking multicast for arbitrary fanout, a ~60 year old open research problem, for Clos, Benes and BFT networks.
  • MS in EE, IIT Kharagpur and PhD in CS, University of Louisville, KY.
  • Lifelong student of Sirivennela’s philosophical school of science and poetry!